Yeah, I’ve been going on about this great find at Trucksim, but as I’ve been a fan of buses ever since SCS’s Bus Simulator, these mods came as a pleasant surprise! Seeing as how it’s wintertime and there is almost no snow over Europe, the winter maps made up for the lack. Wonderful work on the author’s part! Turn your ETS2 into Euro Bus Simulator with 2 easy steps:

  1. Take the Marcopolo Paradiso G7 bus mod
  2. Add the Passengers mod
  3. Enjoy a fine bus drive delivering passengers over long-distance

Mods added for flavour:

The Marcopolo bus mod is wonderfully made and the vehicle is a joy to drive. Steering and handling feels like a bus, interior lights work in the cabin and you can’t complain about the engine either. The bus cannot by default carry cargo (although with some aggressive reversing you  can attach a trailer, it isn’t designed that way), but with the help of the Passenger mod one can find Pasajeros offering transport jobs in global freight, just like any other type of cargo, you pick them up at the regular factories and businesses. In short, the combination of these two mods allow for a great bus driving experience. Perhaps someone will one day even mod bus stops!

Truck on!